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Public Safety Solutions


Public Safety agencies are realizing the potential of using drones to enhance their missions.

 Drone-Works has the experience in the Public Safety space to assist agencies with existing UAS programs or agencies just getting started. Drone-Works can supply all the aircraft and equipment your agency needs, but we also provide value-added services based on our expertise in Public Safety UAS programs. 

 Drone-Works’ expertise in both Public Safety and Public Safety UAS programs can help your agency implement a UAS program under FAA Part 107 or under an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA). There are advantages and disadvantages for each. Having an experienced partner with expertise in Public Safety, UAS aircraft & equipment and the complex FAA regulatory environment can make all the difference between a successful Public Safety UAS program and one that can’t get off the ground. 

Respond Effectively with Aerial Insights Direct Aid Where It's Needed Most




Click on a vehicle below that best describes your agency and see what a UAS program can do for your organization. Explore the different UAS aircraft available from a variety of top manufacturers. Contact Drone-Works for more information on how we can help your agency establish or maintain a highly successful UAS program.

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