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Underwriting, Claims & Risk Mitigation Efficiency with Enterprise Solutions from Drone-Works 


The insurance industry is a key industry embracing the use of drones with two objectives:

Better risk management
Reduced operational costs


Several leading insurance companies deployed drones as early as 2015 and the use of drones in the insurance industry has only grown since.


Drone-Works' large selection of drones and equipment from top manufacturers and expertise can support large and small, new and existing drone programs. Here's how enterprise solutions from Drone-Works are being used in the insurance industry:

Aerial Site Assessments - Drones can provide photo documentation of a property and identify property features that allow the owner either to seek a reduced risk profile or to take appropriate actions to lower overall risk and justify premium discounts.

Catastrophe/Natural Disaster Monitoring — Drones can quickly and safely be deployed to monitor areas where catastrophe has struck or is threatened by natural disasters. Governments working with insurance companies can monitor a situation and alert local residents to potential danger.

Inspection — Drones can provide a safer, faster, and more cost-effective way to conduct a site inspection, particularly in challenging working conditions.

Risk Assessment - Drones perform field assessments and obtain high-quality visuals.

Claims Adjudication — The detailed photos can help improve the quality of the claims adjudication process.

Fraud Prevention — Immediately after a property claim is reported, a drone could be deployed to inspect the claims site, increasing information capture accuracy and timeliness. Using drones, insurance adjusters are able to survey more efficiently and have been shown to provide a larger property at least 3 times faster as an adjuster on foot.

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