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How Drone-Works Enterprise Solutions Facilitate Construction Projects




Superior Project Management with Drone-Works Enterprise Solutions


Every construction project begins at ground zero. Drone-Works Enterprise Solutions technology from industry leading manufacturers makes data collection faster, easier, and more cost-effective – providing your business with a competitive edge from as early as the bidding process. 

Our enterprise solutions can map large work sites to provide detailed, precise data for architects and contractors. With flight planning and 3-D modeling software, project teams can easily and rapidly collect the surveying data needed to evaluate large worksites. 

Collect detailed, precise data that architects can reference throughout the design process, Drone-Works Enterprise Solutions can assemble the perfect package for your mission. Using drone-based 3-D modeling and BIM software, architects can develop designs with a comprehensive understanding of site conditions. 



Construction projects are complex, involving multiple sub-contractors, hundreds of workers, several years and millions of dollars to complete a single project. Technology from Drone-Works Enterprise Solutions can provide regular, detailed maps of a site to align internal and external stakeholders to ensure each are kept up-to-date on project progress.

Our drone solutions provide project teams with enhanced on-site situational awareness. By using image stitching and 3-D modeling software, teams stay fully informed on site progress and resource allocation – keeping projects on time and on track.

State-of-the-Art drone technology provides project teams with accurate and secure data storage and transmission. By documenting on-site data throughout a project life cycle, contractors can easily track changes and build as-built models that reflect changes in detail.



Building inspections often require teams to implement manual, rope-access techniques which require walking across rooftops and scaffolding. Solutions from Drone-Works Enterprise Solutions provide teams with high definition 20-megapixel images that can be captured on a single flight.

We have the latest drones from top leading edge manufacturers that can provide inspectors with accurate data and enhanced safety. With high quality aerial imaging and real-time video transmission, inspectors can evaluate buildings from the ground without putting themselves in harm’s way.

Our drone solutions collect comprehensive imagery of a roof to detect physical, water and electrical damage. By using thermal and visual imagery alongside a suite of intelligent features, roof inspectors can easily detect defects mid-flight.

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